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Responsible Citizenship and The Cleary Mind

This week, our nation completed one of its most divisive elections yet, and we are left with questions of what it means to lead responsibly and be a responsible citizen.

At Cleary University, our mission is to create The Cleary Mind, transform students into versatile, capable, business school graduates who confidently contribute to the world from multiple, advantaged perspectives.


A person with The Cleary Mind is not only able to make sound decisions based on logic and credible information but is also aware of their ability to influence domestic and global business, contribute to economic development, and navigate their own career opportunities. 

As Nelson Mandela said, “An educated, enlightened and informed population is one of the surest ways of promoting the health of a democracy.”

So, what is the role of business in a democratic society? 

Business is essential to democracy. It’s how we live and dream. It’s how we fortify our public institutions. It’s how we provide opportunity and vision and growth.

As Cleary’s Interim President Emily Barnes wrote in this blog, “A complete person is a change agent who creatively and critically approaches situations with an intention of making the world, their business, their home, better.”


Cleary University empowers students with business skills that transcend an entire career. This type of business education prepares people to make a difference – which is exactly what it means to be a responsible citizen.

In gaining the Eight Attributes of The Cleary Mind, students develop their sense of connection to community and the power of business to advance societal goals. They consider the role of every person on a team, in a department, or throughout a company, and understand the important interplay between all.

One of the ways we repair a divided populace is by building mutually beneficial relationships. Cleary University graduates, steeped in The Cleary Mind as delivered through our unique Business Arts curriculum, are adaptable, solve problems, think critically, lead eagerly, and communicate well.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

These are urgent needs to take America forward.

Whichever side you ended up on after this week’s Election, consider what it takes to move all of us forward. The value of a business degree is not only to set a foundation for a future career; it is to empower Americans with the skills we need to come back together and build bridges of understanding so that everyone wins.