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Scholarships & Grants

There are many scholarships and grants available for higher education today, which can sometimes be hard to find. Cleary University is dedicated to helping students afford higher education. We can work with you to find scholarships you can apply for to ease the cost of college and graduate school.

Cleary awards scholarships and grants for a variety of achievements including academic, athletic, leadership, and more. To qualify, students must be accepted to attend Cleary University and complete their FAFSA application.

scholarships & grants

Tips for Applying to Cleary University Scholarships & Grants

To enhance the likelihood of a scholarship award, students should consider submitting the following:

  • A Cleary University Scholarship application
  • A transcript providing evidence of previous academic achievement.
  • An original essay providing information about the applicant that may not be reflected on their academic transcript(s) or resume.
  • A letter of recommendation. Required for most scholarships or grants, it can provide useful, objective information to committee members granting awards.