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Adam Mayhew

Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Faculty Athletics Representative

Adam Mayhew joined Cleary University as Associate Professor of Philosophy and Business Ethics in 2019. Before that, he worked as adjunct faculty member while creating and implementing Cleary’s business ethics program and helping to redesign the philosophy curriculum. Before teaching at Cleary University, he owned an all-natural cleaning company, which he built on the idea that companies should exist to help people. 

Adam is currently working on a PhD in Leadership with research focused on the impact of leaders’ self-awareness on organizational outcomes. He earned a master’s degree from the New England College of Business, where he majored in Business Ethics, focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Born and raised in southeastern Michigan, Adam joined the U.S. Army after high school. While in the Army, he realized that he wanted to return to Michigan and raise a family. When not working, Adam spends time with his family, taking care of animals, or playing soccer.