Multiformat Model

Classroom & Academic Settings

Cleary is a remote-ready campus with a wide collection of learning technologies. We leverage our fully responsive and user-friendly virtual learning platform to host our remote and online courses. Our use of cloud-based, integrated technologies ensure we are able to promote engagement, active learning, and a robust online learning environment.

Online student support services are available:

  • University Library Resources – 24/7 chat reference services, access to research guides, online databases, eBooks, scholarly journals, and more. 
  • Virtual Writing Lab – Virtual, live instruction tutoring and writing support for all students.
  • Tech Support – Online ticketing and tech support.
  • Academic Support – Online advising and career services.

In-Person Courses

  • The number of people convening on campus will be reduced. Some students will be in the classroom while others participate remotely.
  • On-campus instruction will conclude on April 25 after the cancellation of Spring Break.
  • We’re enhancing classroom technology to provide virtual attendance in learning spaces, so the virtual learner joins in real time.
  • Cleary University is committed to high-level academic engagement and personal connection with students in whatever course delivery option they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a multiformat model entail?

The flexible, multiformat course model employs a socially distanced, on-campus experience combined with synchronous and asynchronous virtual participation. In this model, many courses will have “multiformat attendance”; that is, during any one class session, some students will be in the classroom while others participate remotely.

When will I know my multiformat attendance schedule?

Information regarding multiformat courses should be available in your student portal.

Will the multiformat schedule apply to on-campus graduate courses that meet only once a week?

To arrive at the best solution for students, undergraduate and graduate schools will be handling this situation differently based on the content of the courses and the circumstances of their graduate populations. Specific details will be available closer to the beginning of the semester.

If I don’t feel comfortable coming to class on campus, can I attend virtually?

If you are sick, you should not attend class in-person. If you are a commuter student and are not comfortable on campus, please communicate your needs with your instructor. We do understand and will work with you. Even with maximum attendance flexibility, however, there are some essential hands-on experiences and skills that require face-to-face meeting. In those cases, we are committed to providing a learning setting that adheres to public health guidelines.

What is the difference between multiformat, virtual, and online courses?

Online courses are typically 8-week, accelerated and completely asynchronous (meaning there are no scheduled or required meeting times), offering full flexibility for students to engage in their own schedule, from anywhere at any time.

This fall, we launched Online Plus courses, which are designed to provide the convenience of online but more aligned to the academic calendar of a traditional face-to-face course (16-week). While these courses will not require in-person attendance, they are designed with options for enhanced engagement through synchronous experiences, which means all participants convene online at the same time. At this time, most Online Plus classes are in foundational courses.

Multiformat courses are a mixture of face-to-face, on-campus experience plus synchronous and asynchronous virtual learning.

How will attendance policies be affected by COVID-19?

Regular engagement in your courses will be a high priority, whether you experience them virtually or on-campus. To offer maximum flexibility, you will be able to attend class virtually as your own health or family circumstances dictate. As in any other term, if you are unable to attend class, either in person or virtually, you should be in communication with your instructor.

Even with maximum attendance flexibility, however, there are hands-on experiences and skills that require face-to-face meeting.

I learn better in the classroom. Can I request on-campus learning for all my courses?

Many classes will require multiformat attendance in order to satisfy social distancing guidelines – which allows for a smaller number of students in the classroom than usual. However, it’s always a good idea to speak directly with your advisor. If the space allows, an instructor would be glad to have you in class for the on-ground session. We must, however, stay within the capacity of the classroom and adhere to the social distancing guidelines mandated by public health officials.

Will counseling services be done on-campus or virtually?

Both. Counseling services will be available both on-campus and virtually. Zoom is an excellent option for counseling sessions; however, on-campus sessions following health guidelines (e.g., wearing masks, social distancing) will remain an option.

In an effort to provide clarity around our plan for responding to COVID-19 and how we will return to campus, we have developed a flexible approach to re-open campus that can be adjusted as conditions evolve. Click on the boxes below for more information.

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