General Education and Assessment

Mission and Purpose of the Cleary University General Education Requirements

Cleary’s mission to provide an intimate and inclusive, student-centered business education that instills the values of the Cleary Mind in our community is evident in the Business Arts curriculum. This curriculum was deliberately designed to forge The Cleary Mind through the unique integration of business, philosophy, and literacy curricula. The purpose of the General Education Requirements is to ensure that every graduate of Cleary University acquires the essential core of the Business Arts Curriculum. This core establishes a foundation for the development of The Cleary Mind, a self-actualized, self-authored business school graduate who is uniquely able to contribute to the dynamic world of business. At Cleary we believe a student who is self-authored is uniquely able to enter the business environment uniquely prepared to contribute as critical-thinkers, problem-solvers, communicators, and management leaders.

Cleary’s five General Education Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are achieved as a result of successful completion of the general education requirements for any degree program. Upon completion of these goals, students have received the essential core of an undergraduate business education and should be able to:

1.     Analyze evidence of issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or forming a judgement. (Critical Thinking)

2.     Examine diverse perspectives and cultures as they relate to the individual, the community, and the global society (Diverse Perspectives and Cultures). 

3.     Examine external and internal influences that govern behavior or the conducting of an activity (Ethics). 

4.     Solve problems from different perspectives and find solutions to difficult or complex issues. (Problem Solving and Creative Thinking)

General Education Requirements

All students entering Cleary as freshmen or undergraduate transfer students must satisfy the General Education Requirements. The fundamental goal of these requirements is to produce an individual that has the eight attributes of the Cleary Mind, rather skills that are appropriate for a university-educated person, such as competence in communication, critical thinking, analytical skills, and the ability to investigate issues raised by living in a culturally diverse society, that has been cultivated by breadth of study across the humanities and arts, social studies, biological and physical sciences.

The basic General Education Requirements are described in the Academic Catalog [link to page that has the current and previous catalogs] under “General Education Program.” Schools and colleges may require students to meet these requirements in a particular way. The best place to find this information is by contacting your advisor, looking at school/college advising resources, and by reviewing the Academic Catalog. [link to page that has the current and previous catalogs] 

General Education Assessment Plan
Self-authorship Assessment Plan