Dual Enrollment – Howell, Hartland, and Byron High Schools

Cleary University Offers Free Dual Enrollment for all Howell, Hartland, and Byron High School Students

Cleary University provides the opportunity for eligible Howell, Hartland, and Byron High School students to earn college credits while attending high school. Students can enrich their education, jump-start college, save money and time, explore career and personal interests, and access Cleary University resources.

Howell, Hartland, and Byron High School dual enrolled students are granted the full privileges of any Cleary University student. Students who dual enroll during high school acquire no additional costs towards tuition.* If a student enrolls full-time at Cleary University post high school graduation, they will be eligible to receive a Cleary Dual Enrollment Scholarship on a semester-to-semester basis that matches the amount of money that the high school paid toward dual enrollment tuition dollar-for-dollar under these conditions:

  • The student must maintain good academic standing and active status to qualify for the dual enrollment scholarship.
  • The student must enroll full-time with Cleary within 27-months of graduation.

Students that meet the following criteria are eligible to take dual enrollment courses:

  • High school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Have a 2.0 cumulative unweighted GPA or higher 
  • Students who have earned a minimum qualifying score on the ACT, PLAN, PSAT, or Michigan Merit Exam
  • Receive high school counselor/school administration recommendation and approval 
  • Complete a Cleary University registration form 

Homeschool students who choose to attend at least one course per semester at Howell, Hartland, or Byron High School, are eligible to receive the same benefits as a dual enrolled Howell, Hartland, or Byron High School student. 

All prospective students interested in Dual Enrollment at Cleary University will need to complete one form from each of the lists below (one approval form and one billing form) and submit them to admissions@cleary.edu.

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