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In an effort to provide clarity around our plan for responding to COVID-19 and how we interact on campus, we developed a flexible approach to re-open campus that can be adjusted as conditions evolve. Here’s the latest campus info FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will students return to in-person classes in the spring?

Yes. We are utilizing a multiformat model. In this model, many courses will have “multi-format attendance,” that is, during any one class session, some students will be in the classroom while others participate remotely. An example might be if you have a T/Th class on campus, you’ll attend one of those days in-person and one day virtually. Your health and safety are of utmost importance, so if you feel sick on a given day, you will always be able to attend class virtually.

Were changes made to the Spring Semester schedule?

Yes. In an abundance of caution and to prevent unnecessary travel, the scheduled Spring Break from March 1-7, 2021 will be cancelled and classes will remain in session that week. This will move up the final day of the semester from May 2 to April 25 for sixteen-week on campus classes. Residential students may remain in housing through the regularly scheduled term end of Sunday, May 2, 2021, but classes will end April 25, 2021. Eight-week online undergraduate and graduate classes will maintain the prior schedule and end on May 2, 2021.

Are face coverings required on campus?

Yes. Cleary University is a mask-wearing campus. All Cleary community members are required to wear a face covering while inside any building on campus unless they are in their residence hall room without guests or alone in an office/workspace.

Am I required to wear a face mask while exercising?

Yes. Members of the Cleary community who engage in indoor exercise are required to wear face coverings while doing so. Appropriate social distancing while exercising requires six feet of distance between individuals and non-interactive games, activities, and sports.

When will the Wellness Center and Lake Trust Stadium open?

The Lake Trust Stadium and the Wellness Center will open for physical training and workouts when permitted by the state of Michigan.

What steps is Cleary taking to create a safe campus environment?

Maintaining the health and safety of our campus community is a shared responsibility of all members of our community. Cleary will continue to monitor state orders and recommendations from public health officials and agencies, and we will update health and safety policies and procedures as the situation evolves.

We are implementing numerous policies and protocols to keep our community safe, including the following:

  • Monitoring CDC, state of Michigan, and Livingston County health mandates
  • Requiring face coverings (reusable cloth face masks will be provided to all employees and students and must be worn fully, covering nose and mouth)
  • Temperature checks and conditional testing
  • Required social distancing policies
  • Provision of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes
  • Reduced capacity in classrooms and meeting spaces
  • Where necessary, modified furniture arrangements, installation of plexiglass, etc.
  • Business travel restrictions for faculty and staff
  • Expectation to stay home if sick and continued extension of sick leave for COVID-19 or influenza-like symptoms
  • Mandatory COVID-19 symptom and diagnosis self-monitoring, reporting and subsequent isolation
  • Limited in-person events
  • Off-campus guests will be greatly limited
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for common spaces and offices consistent with CDC guidelines
  • Reduced residential housing occupancy
  • Modified dining services
  • Course-integrated training on COVID-19 facts and preventative practices
  • Limitations on in- and outflow from campus buildings

Will students need to self-quarantine after traveling?

Yes. We are following quarantine guidelines as provided by community health officials, CDC, and the State of Michigan. If you travel to the United States from out of the country, you are expected to self-quarantine for 10 days. It’s possible some state and local governments may impose travel restrictions or orders in place while you are traveling. Students are encouraged to check the CDC coronavirus page before and after travel.

How will campus be cleaned and sanitized differently? How often will classrooms be disinfected?

● Enhanced cleaning protocols will be implemented throughout campus, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces in high-traffic areas.
● Our sanitation staff are using CDC-recommended disinfectants.
● We’ve added multiple hand sanitizing stations across campus.
● Cleary is implementing a disinfectant wipe system in each classroom, along with gloves, so students and faculty can disinfect their own seat and table.
● Helping to mitigate COVID-19 transmission is a shared responsibility, and we expect all community members to do their part.

Will COVID-19 testing be available on campus?

Cleary University provides antigen tests  for student athletes weekly as they are participating in collegiate sports.  Other students, faculty or staff that are feeling ill or concerned they may have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual may schedule to be antigen tested.

Will members of the campus community need to have their temperature checked when arriving on campus?

Yes. All guests visiting campus must check-in and will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Students, staff, and faculty are expected to check body temperature daily at entry doors and report if they have a fever.

All students, faculty, and staff will participate in screening protocols to ensure we operate as safely as possible. No one is to attend any campus courses, activities, events, internships, practices, or competitions if they feel sick, show symptoms, or have a fever.

How will Cleary approach contact tracing?

We consult with the Livingston County Health Department for contact tracing efforts. If any staff, faculty, or student tests positive for COVID-19, the LCHD will work with the individual to trace potential contacts.

Will the Cleary community be notified when another community member tests positive for COVID-19?

Yes. Cleary community members, and the general public, will receive weekly Monday communications with total numbers of on-campus student or employee exposure or infection. The message will state whether the person is a faculty or staff member, or residential or commuter student, but because of privacy restrictions, names or other identifying information will not be provided. Additionally, Cleary University will work with Livingston County health officials and other health agencies as appropriate to provide relevant additional notifications.

How will you address members of the Cleary community who break social distancing and/or mask requirements?

Helping to mitigate COVID-19 transmission is a shared responsibility. Students who fail to adhere to health and safety policies are subject to disciplinary action under the student Code of Conduct.

If I have questions about requesting an accommodation when returning to campus, whom should I contact?

If you have a question about requesting an accommodation, please contact Disability Services at

In an effort to provide clarity around our plan for responding to COVID-19 and how we will return to campus, we have developed a flexible approach to re-open campus that can be adjusted as conditions evolve. Click on the boxes below for more information.