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Cleary students “De-Stress” during exam week

Cleary University celebrated De-Stress Fest at a time most needed for its students. During final exam week, the university hosted activities all week long to help students improve their concentration and decrease their anxiety so they could manage their stress effectively and do well on their final exams.

De-Stress Fest featured activities each day that included therapy dog visits, massages, stress balls, games, NBA playoff nights, a ping pong tournament, late night study snack breaks, casino night, plenty of food and music, and a hot wings eating contest. All students were encouraged to take a study break and join the festivities.

According to Matt Oliver, associate dean of students at Cleary University, “student stress levels intensify during this time of year, and our goal is to help our students not only manage their workload but also make sure they are not overwhelmed. Having a few diversions during their study hours seems to have a calming effect on students and allows them to concentrate more effectively and ultimately do better on their finals,” he finds.

“We recommend our students step away from their studies for some fresh air or a change of scenery. We find De-Stress Fest is producing the results we hoped for. Students are taking some time to unwind and relax.”

According to national studies, students report that stressing about exams negatively affects their mindset and their test results. They are worried about failing and its impact on their future. As a result, many isolate themselves, neglect their social life and focus exclusively on their studies, which only intensifies their stress.

“They are not taking any time to relax and unwind. Their brains are on overload, which is completely counterproductive,” Oliver finds.

“Balance is key, Oliver continues. “Of course, doing well on exams should be a top priority for students, but they also need to give their brain a break. Socializing has shown to be the best way to ease stress and anxiety, and clear their mind for a short time, which allows them to refocus and re-energize.”