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Cleary University Offers 9 New Degree Programs, Welcomes 5 Full-Time Faculty for Fall 2020

This fall, Cleary University announces six new bachelor’s degree concentrations and three new master’s degrees, while welcoming five new faculty members.

“We are introducing degrees that respond to what we are hearing from industry, to fill urgent needs in the workplace,” says Emily Barnes, Interim President and Provost. “Cleary students will be well prepared for a workforce that needs new talent and sharp focus. Plus, they’re learning from top educators who have their finger on the pulse of industry. Our new hires bring a wealth of talent and expertise to the classroom, offering students real-world experience with practical application.”

Cleary’s new programs and faculty members include the following:

New Degree Programs, effective Fall 2020

  • MBA in Women’s Leadership – This program is designed to build effective leaders. Participants will work with a mentor and learn how not to take the first offer, live up to your worth, lead without apology, take and give feedback, dominate a space and break through any ceiling, says Regina Banks-Hall, dean of graduate & professional studies.
  1. MBA in E-Learning Design and Instructional Technology Management – This degree prepares educators to lead schools and universities through remote education. “Many educators want to sharpen their skills in remote learning,” says Banks-Hall. Created in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program came about as a response to an influx of interest in learning from Cleary leaders how to best create and implement effective remote learning due to pandemic parameters, she notes. 
  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management – For Human Resources professionals, this SHRM-approved program (one of only five in Michigan) enables graduates to sit for the exam, which boosts salaries significantly. “This degree prepares students to become a strategic professional, to lead an organization in how it manages human capital talent,” says Banks-Hall. “HR leaders must understand performance, human behavior, and decision-making as well as how to keep employees motivated when working from home. With rapid changes to the workplace foisted upon us by the pandemic, we must innovate and evolve to keep the talent pool thriving in changing circumstances.”
  • New undergraduate degree offerings include a BBA in Business Communications, a BBA in Business Ethics, a BBA in Industrial Leadership, a BBA in Project Management and a BBA in Nonprofit Management – “All of these are new because they are growing sectors of industry, and qualified individuals are needed to lead them,” says David Hayes, dean of undergraduate studies. “Cleary is good at responding to the needs of not only the educational world, but the business world. We prepare our graduates to be leaders in their field.”
  • A growing undergraduate program at Cleary is the BBA in Sports Promotion & Management – “Students learn everything from installation and sports team management through agentry as well as sports promotion and marketing,” says Hayes. “Students are clamoring to participate in this program.”

New Cleary faculty, effective immediately:

Regina Banks-Hall
Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies 

David Hayes
Dean of Undergraduate Studies 

Adam Mayhew
Professor of Ethics

Kelly Genei
Associate Professor teaching Operations Management, General Business & Marketing

Vincent Kirkwood
Professor of Sports Promotion, Management and Marketing

Come check out all the new and exciting opportunities Cleary has to offer!