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BBA – Project Management

Program Description

Project management is a set of processes, systems, tools, and techniques for effective planning and control of organizational initiatives, priorities, and projects. The use of project management skills and practices ensures successful completion of these mission critical initiatives with focused attention on the managerial oversight, organization-wide communications, and project control needed to complete projects on time and within budget. These skills are comprehensive and highly marketable in the world of modern business.

The courses within the project management program allow you to develop the skills necessary to be a strong project leader and contribute to the overall success of an organization. Each course within the project management program builds on a foundation of project management knowledge that has been cultivated through real-world experiences by the faculty teaching the courses featuring world-class proprietary content and a full complement of Cleary-developed instructional materials.

Careers in project management reach into and enhance all areas of business. Along with a Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), career opportunities in project management are available in all sectors. From manufacturing and industrial sectors through the service industry and into marketing, communications, and education, effective project management is in high demand.


Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the project management program will be able to:

  • Initiate projects with clearly defined scope, requirements, and stakeholders.
  • Plan complex projects using appropriate planning tools.
  • Develop plans to implement quality and resource management processes.
  • Manage project risk.
  • Manage project costs including procurement process for project resources.
  • Manage stakeholders and communications for complex projects.
  • Manage project costs and budget baselines.
  • Evaluate the project environment, and select traditional and/or agile approaches.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Incorporate an ethical perspective in all professional activities.
  • Work effectively with diverse populations.

BBA – Project Management (120 Credits)

Additional Program Requirements

General Education (see General Education Requirements for details) 30 credits

Electives (15+ Credits)
*Note: 15 credits within lower division core can also count towards general education. *Note: Up to 15 designated major or elective credits can be replaced with MBA or MS courses, which will count towards graduate degree requirements. For more information on University degrees, please refer to the University Catalog.