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Kelly supports YOUR future education!

The Cleary-Kelly partnership provides a 50% tuition scholarship for Kelly full time and temporary employees. The partnership, which launches August 31st, 2020, provides an exclusive tuition scholarship to eligible Kelly employees.   The Tuition Benefits Program will cover 50% of tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate degrees through Cleary’s online platform.


Cleary University is a non-profit, private business university established in 1883 offering over 20 degree programs for Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees.

Click here for a full list of academic programs and degree offerings from Cleary University.

This amazing opportunity was developed in collaboration with Kelly with your future success in mind. Cleary is here to help you along this new journey. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Admissions Representative, Kristi Stutz, at kstutz@cleary.edu or 800-686-1883.



 Traditional StudentNon-Traditional StudentGraduate Student
Definition: (23 years old or younger)(24 years old or greater)(Completed a bachelor degree)
Cumulative GPA:

* Transfer Students with < 6 credits and younger than 23 years old will follow the Traditional Student requirements
* Transfer Students with > 6 credits and older than 23 years old will follow the Non-Traditional Student requirements
* If you fall below the admission requirements, please reach out to your enrollment specialist who will advise you on the appeals process


Step 1

Click on Inquire Now to complete the simple online interest form!

Step 2

Submit last two paystubs from Kelly reflecting employment status in the last 60 days, with employee ID, social security number, tax & payroll information blacked out.

Step 3

Click on Apply Now to complete a free online application

Step 4

Forward all Official Academic Records (college or high school) to admissions@cleary.edu

Step 5

Complete the free FAFSA ApplicationClick here to download a printable FAFSA Process Guide. Enter 002246 as the school code for Cleary University on the FAFSA form.

Step 6

Gain admittance to Cleary University!


Click here for a printable version.

1. Confirm technical requirements – As a student with a busy life, online classes can allow you to learn any hour of the day. But that only works if you can access the materials! You will need access to an internet connection, laptop or desktop computer, and Microsoft Office Suite.

2. Connect with instructor(s) early – It’s never too late to get ahead! Make sure you clearly understand the class requirements and expectations of every course you take. If you have questions, ask your instructor how they’d like to connect (calls, emails, etc.) and what times are optimal. Communication is key in an online course and your instructors will appreciate the initiative. There are plenty of resources to help you in your educational journey, and your instructor can guide you through them all.

3. Keep to a schedule – Plan ahead for time to study your materials and complete your weekly assignments. It can be easy to procrastinate work when you don’t have a professor and peers around you to remind you to do it. Part of online classes involves taking ownership for the time you need to devote to your studies. If you don’t create a consistent time for working on your course, it is easy to fall behind.

4. Have a consistent workspace– All students need a designated workspace to study and complete your assignments. Where will yours be? Maybe a coffee shop, a public library, or at home. Wherever you choose, you should make sure it’s a consistent location that’s free of outside interferences. It is also important to build a support system early and make sure those who are close to you – family, friends and peers – recognize the time commitment of an online course.

5. Stay organized – All due dates for your deliverables will be visible in your Canvas course. Build a weekly plan of what assignments need to be completed that week and plan ample amount of time for the more time-consuming assignments. The courses you are enrolled in will be easy to navigate and have clear expectations; that means you can figure out what you need to accomplish each week and set a schedule for yourself.