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Resolutions for a College Campus

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

Happy new year! As we begin 2021, Cleary University wishes good health, connected community, and renewed energy for the year about to unfold.

Leaving behind us a 2020 fraught with political enmity, pandemic fatigue, and racial turmoil, we hope we are entering a new year of possibility, promise, and peace. We thought it would be fun to start off the new year with some light-hearted resolutions for our campus community.

Resolution #1: Study Hard.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Let’s face it – college is about academic accomplishments, first and foremost, right? So study, please! This year, we resolve to study as much as our courses require, to earn the best grades possible. And if we’re stumped by a problem, a prompt, or a professor’s plea, we’ll ask questions, clarify the instructions, and communicate our confusion. 

This year, we resolve to put our best effort into our academic pursuits, without excuse or neglect. Not only to make our professors and parents proud but to satisfy our expectations of ourselves, too

Resolution #2: Balance Schoolwork with Fun.

Let’s be honest – college isn’t all coursework. Sure, academics come first, but we’re here to make friends, build community, play sports, and have experienced as young adults away from home for the first time. So this year, we resolve to balance our academic obligations with a bit of good, clean fun, too. And yes, we promise to be smart and safe – after all, we begrudgingly acknowledge that we are still in a pandemic. (Hopefully, it ends soon, so we can return to full-bridled fun!)

Resolution #3: Get Outside. Every Day.

Even in the gray, blowing cold, we resolve to step outside every single day, breathe in the crisp, fresh air and feel grateful for being alive and well here on campus. This year, we resolve to spend time outdoors every day, benefiting from whatever sunlight we can savor and soaking up the Vitamin D!

We resolve to throw a ball outside the residence hall, huddle into our coats beside a bonfire, take a brisk walk around campus, or gather friends to hike in the woods nearby. We commit to cherishing the beauty of our Midwestern campus and celebrating the open spaces that surround us.

Resolution #4: Learn Something New. Again and Again.

In 2021, we resolve to learn something new not once, not twice, but as often as we can. As college students, we embrace the process of learning that takes place in the classroom, online, and in the community. We are grateful for professors who bring deep knowledge from their industries and share their passion and purpose with us in an experiential setting. We profess to keep an open mind and listen well, for the purpose of expanding our knowledge and considering new perspectives.

Resolution #5: Build Relationships That Build the World.

Knowing that business happens between people, we resolve to build meaningful relationships that will benefit both people. We look forward to gaining mentors and working internships to build our career potential – while at the same time recognizing that we bring something to every relationship, too. We realize that every relationship holds within it the potential to make a difference in small and large ways, in the workplace, in the community, and in the world.