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Brandy Akers

Senior Financial Aid Coordinator

For Brandy Akers, it’s a privilege to guide students through the detailed process of obtaining financial aid. Akers earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleary University in marketing and new media. While pursuing her degree, she began her career at Cleary in 2012 as a financial aid advisor. She was promoted to her current position in 2018.

“I love being part of a student’s journey while they achieve their life goals,” she says. “It is a joy witnessing a student leave Cleary with integrity and pride in their accomplishment.”

Akers believes business education shapes the community.

“The students that attend Cleary are inherently leaders. Their presence in the community shines and is evident through the way they conduct themselves — holding themselves, and their peers, to a higher standard,” she says. “We witness every day their personal growth through education and collaboration with their fellow students, staff, and our facility.”