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Jenifer Thomas, MSF

Senior Staff Accountant

Jenifer Thomas is a Senior Staff Accountant for Cleary University. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public History from Western Michigan University and an MSF from Walsh College.

In her prior work, Jenifer served as accounting manager for Grace & Wild Inc., Zingerman’s and Cromaine Library. She also worked as a high school security officer, a bank teller for Chase bank and as director of retail operations for Michigan Metro Girl Scouts.

“Business education is important because it gives students employable, essential life skills such as money management, budgeting, communication, teamwork and leadership,” she says. “Cleary takes a student-centered approach, which is key to delivering a top-notch education.”

“Staff and faculty encourage each student to reach their full potential as successful leaders in the business world,” she notes. “The solid guidance and mentorship that a student receives at Cleary demonstrates the value and importance of affecting change for the better in all aspects of our world.”