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Mark Kassof

Adjunct Professor

Courses Taught


    Ever wonder how your favorite radio station chooses its music? Ask Mark Kassof. This Cleary University marketing professor is president of a private firm that specializes in growing radio stations through marketing and research strategies, helping them stay relevant in the age of streaming services.

    At Cleary, he uses his experience to help students see how marketing is exciting and essential in any industry. He also draws on his experiences as VP of Marketing for a Minnesota legal clinic and other roles in market research and strategy development in automotive, realty, banking and nonprofit sectors.

    Kassof earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Northwestern University and an MBA at University of Minnesota. With a background as an on-air personality and radio researcher, he founded Mark Kassof & Co. in Ann Arbor, Mich. in 1985.

    Kassof loves working with students to convey creativity and enthusiasm about business and marketing. When it comes to the classroom, he believes in moving beyond basic principles and skills.

    “Business education has to go further to prepare students to imaginatively compete in an ever-changing environment,” he says.