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Richard Cudmore

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor Richard Cudmore specializes in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, diversity, privacy, and human rights. He brings his expertise to the philosophy classes he teaches Cleary University.

Cudmore earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario; a Master’s Degree in Business Ethics and Compliance from New England College of Business in Boston, Mass.; and a DBA at California Southern University in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Before joining Cleary’s faculty, he was an adjunct professor at New England College of Business, and a cannabis compliance manager for Cresco Labs in Massachusetts. He continues to work as a privacy and compliance specialist at ClinEdge in Quincy, Mass.

Cudmore says Cleary students are engaged and genuinely interested in applying what they’ve learned.

‘Business education should be built on a firm ethical base that reaffirms commitment to people, planet, and profits on a continual basis,” he says.