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WORKSHOP: Discussing Bias and Cross-Cultural Diversity Feb. 8

Join us or an engaging workshop on “Discussing Bias and Cross-Cultural Diversity.

NEW DATE: Thursday, Feb 8
Time: Noon
Location: Cleary Commons Room #3

Take part in a discussion led by Cleary’s own, LaTasha Ellis, Director of Public Safety & Corporate Sector. LaTasha brings a wealth of experience and insights to explore the nuances of bias and the richness of cross-cultural diversity.

This workshop isn’t just about understanding differences; it’s about celebrating them. Gain valuable perspectives, learn practical strategies, and engage in open dialogue to foster a more inclusive environment within our community.

Whether you’re a student, faculty member, or community member, this workshop promises to provide valuable insights applicable to various facets of life.

Come, join us in this journey toward greater understanding and appreciation of diversity. Let’s embrace the strength in our differences and build a more inclusive future together. See you at Cleary Commons Room #3 on Thursday, Feb. 8, at Noon!