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Justine Defever, MFA & MA

Associate Professor

Justine Defever serves as a Professor at Cleary University and teaches several classes, including The College Experience Retooled, Speak Up!, Discourse and Delivery, and Writing Composition.

Defever earned a bachelor’s degree in professional and technical writing from Saginaw Valley State University in University Center, Mich. She went on to obtain a master’s degree in higher education, focusing on student affairs, from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, where she worked as Resident Director for four years before coming to Cleary. Defever also holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Arcadia University.

Defever says she loves the investment Cleary faculty members make in the lives of students.

“Professors know students by name and have a sincere interest in their academic aspirations,” she says, adding that the focus of the school readies graduates for a wide range of opportunities.

“I believe a business education prepares students for a variety of fields, positions, and careers due to Cleary’s well-rounded curriculum,” she says.