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Thomas Dreyer, DBA, MBA, MS

Adjunct Faculty

Courses Taught

    Graduate and Undergraduate Health Care Management | Organizational Behavior | Graduate and Undergraduate Business

    Dr. Thomas Dreyer’s favorite thing about being an adjunct instructor at Cleary University is interacting with students.

    Dreyer teaches health care management organizational behavior, along with business classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He graduated with a B.A. in psychology from Aurora University; an M.S. in Community Mental Health from Northern Illinois University; and an MBA from University of Michigan.

    Later, Dreyer earned his Doctorate of Business Administration at Baker College for Graduate Studies, where his dissertation subject was key employee retention in mergers and acquisitions.

    He has worked as vice president for Horizon Health Services; director of mental health programs at Hurley Medical Center; and associate dean of graduate and international studies for Cleary University. Since 1987, he has been CEO of Insight Recovery Center in Flint.

    When it comes to business education, Dreyer believes it should be practical above all. “It should be applicable to the real world,” he says.