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Andrew Chamberlin


Andrew Chamberlin has the enormous privilege of providing students with both education and counseling at Cleary University. He has been given the opportunity to engage students through two essential freshman classes, TCM 1000 focuses on The Cleary Mind framework and introduces students to our innovative business curriculum and philosophy here at Cleary.  The class is also an invitation to students to the concept of self-awareness and takes a close look at the impact of the self-aware leader in business.  Andrew also teaches Philosophy 1300, which emphasizes the perspectives of diverse others and opens both the eyes and minds of students to the world around them through the engagement of topics such as love, death, and friendship, to name a few.  

Andrew also teaches courses that focus on leadership and communication. He engages students from a delegating/ discussing approach to teaching that comes from his relational background in counseling and his authentic style of leadership, which holds a heavy emphasis on honest relationships.  He works to make a safe and inclusive class environment that is student-centered in order to open the space as invitations to risk, vulnerability, and honesty while also sharing an appropriate amount of healthy/useful self-disclosure to accompany knowledge offered to our students.  

He has been a professional counselor for 12 years and has developed an eclectic style with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral, relational, and narrative approaches to therapy. Andrew has engaged individuals, groups, and couples in therapy. He has experience with addiction, anxiety, depression, and relationship/ marital dissatisfaction, including infidelity recovery and has a solid background in trauma-informed crisis intervention and counseling. 

Andrew has also provided care in residential, college campus, and community outpatient/ private practice contexts offering care for those experiencing difficulties with regard to mental health and/or substance use.  His goal is to provide trustworthy and inviting conditions where a person can feel safe to acknowledge and engage past and present challenges. He cares to get people moving toward their true self so they may thrive in the world from a content, satisfied, and whole interior life well into the future.    

When away from counseling and teaching, Andrew loves reading (psychology/ philosophy/ theology), music (all things 90s, Folk, Singer-songwriter, Jazz, Rap/Hip-Hop, but he also melts to smooth R&B), movies (mainly drama/ independent), and the outdoors (sports, kayaking, and 4-wheeling up north).  He has been married to Andrea for 19 years and they have two kids, Emilia and Ethan.