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LaTasha P. Ellis

Director of Public Safety & Corporate Sector

LaTasha Ellis is coordinator of Cleary University’s Detroit Education Center. Located within the Durfee Innovation Society, the center is designed to prepare Detroit residents for job opportunities, providing a full range of programs from one-year certificates to bachelor’s degrees.

Ellis earned a B.A. in business management and an MBA in business administration, both from Florida A&M University.

She started her career as an assistant branch manager at Comerica Bank, working her way up to wealth management assistant vice president. She also worked as community resource director for Allen Academy, a K-12 charter school in Detroit.

For Ellis, working at Cleary is a dream come true.

“Every day I have the opportunity to touch lives, help others realize their goals, and work in my passion,” she says. “No matter where you work, or what industry it may be in, business education is applicable in every field.”