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Cleary University

Student Organization Formation Process

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on forming a student organization at Cleary University. Whether you’re a passionate student with a specific interest, a desire to make a difference, or a vision for a club that hasn’t existed yet, this is where your journey begins.


  • Define the purpose of your club.
  • Start recruiting members.
  • Find a faculty or staff advisor.

    1. Download and complete the following Student Life forms:

  • CLICK HERE: Student Organization Registration Form
  • CLICK HERE: Student Organization Bylaws
  • CLICK HERE: Anti-Hazing Agreement Form

    2. Submit all requested documentation to studentlife@cleary.edu for review.
    Please allow up to two weeks for the administrative review process.

  • All Cleary University approved student organizations will receive:

    1. A presence on the student organization portion of cleary.edu.
    2. A @cleary.edu email address for the organization (Faculty/Staff Advisor must be copied on all correspondence from organization’s email address).
    3. Assistance advertising and hosting events on campus.
    4. Reserved campus meeting spaces.
    5. An application to apply to Student Life for funding.
    6. A seat in any student leadership training offered.